What are MOF objectives and goals for our Special Needs Participant Program? 

Goal: Players will have fun playing soccer


  • To introduce all skills by using games
  • To allow players to set the pace
  • To relax and be flexible
  • To keep everything positive

Goal: Players will understand the fundamentals of the game


  • To give each player plenty of opportunities to play the ball
  • To build skills on the success of previously learned skills
  • To involve family members in learning soccer fundamentals

Goals: Players will learn teamwork and fair play


  • To build teamwork and fair play into practice sessions
  • To encourage team identity by wearing uniforms and participating in team get-togethers
  • To reward positive effort when teamwork and fair play are observed

Goal: Players will increase their self-esteem


  • To establish individual, realistic goals with players
  • To encourage effort toward goals, no matter how small
  • To recognize player effort and achievement

Goal: Players will become more physically fit


  • To encourage maximum participation in physical movement for each player at his or her level
  • To facilitate player participation in off-season physical activities or sports

Goal: Players will meet and be comfortable with new people


  • To encourage parents to play a supportive, not active, role during games
  • To facilitate the development of positive player relationships with buddies and other volunteers
  • To utilize community helpers

We believe in:

• Fun
 ○ Decreases injury
 ○ Increases enthusiasm/eagerness
 ○ Prolongs involvement

• Focus
 ○ Exercise
 ○ Friendship
 ○ Sportsmanship
 ○ Skill development

• Fuel the basics
 ○ Keep it simple
 ○ Athlete-directed goals/motivation
 ○ Reward the effort rather than the outcome

To that end, our program will always endeavour to have:

Hands-on, attentive and caring coaches

Healthy competition: where there is  competition, there will be camaraderie . 

Physical exercise: Sports and physical activity lead to the release of endorphins, dopamine and serotonin which promote a sense of well-bring and positivism.

An emphasis on teamwork and sportsmanship which will lead to better connectedness with others.