Dear Parents, interested in organizing a birthday or special event celebration with sports activities for your child? We can help! 

We can offer 

– Sporting activities such as Soccer, Kin-Ball, Nerf Gun Tag, Tag Rugby, Tchoukball, Rope Skipping, Dodgeball and many others…! Simple, fun, safe and exhilarating activities for kids!

– fully sheltered venues in the East, Central or West of Singapore.

– qualified coaches to guide and make a fun day for your kids

– a typical program will be about 2 and more hours, for 10 kids and more, prices starting from $650 upwards. Slight additional expenses will be for catering, food, venue clean-up arrangements (chargeable by venue, not us!)

To get more info, email us at  or Whatsapp 92799006 or click this: