Dear Parents, Academy Kids & Course Footballers, we at MOF Academy are aware of and take health & safety precautions regarding the Wuhan Coronavirus very very seriously. At the same time, as the situation in Singapore is nowhere near a state of emergency, we do not wish to be alarmist and wish to continue to provide an active, healthy program without fear. Our Academy program will continue to go on, including this Sunday, but with the below measures imposed.

As such, to all our Academy Parents and Kids and Course Footballers, please take note:

a) If you the parent or your child or someone in your direct family exhibit any flu symptoms, please refrain from coming to our Academy Venue.

b) If you or your child or anyone in your direct and next-most-immediate family have visited Mainland China since 1 January 2020, we ask that you speak to us to verify your zero-risk of illness, before coning to our Academy venue

c) Observe good basic hygiene.

d) Record body temperatures reguarly. If you are attending our program & games, please at least four hours before, take your own temperature as well as your child’s (and whoever is coming down). If you do not have a regular body temperature (The normal human body temperature range is typically stated as 36.5–37.5 °C), kindly do not attend our program & games, and please let us know.

We take health & safety measures very seriously. Should there be a breach of our conditions above by any parent or child, we reserve all rights to impose liability & charges onto you – which will be $300 per individual per breach or any expenses, losses or damages MOF incurs as a results (whichever is higher).

That said, we look forward to our program this Sunday, thank you!