Our Coaches


Coach Ramesh is extremely passionate about coaching our youths, especially those from the ages of 3 to 12 years old. He has experience in coaching both boys and girls and have led his U6, U8, U10, U12 teams to various local competitions held in Singapore. A certified First Aider, he takes additional care and attention to our players’ safety and health.

Coach Ramesh ensures that kids have fun and enjoy throughout their training with no added pressure to impress. He guides the player’s learning curve through fun development, exploration and discovery; and the application of techniques utilizing real-life situations. He believes strongly in instilling proper or gracious sportsmanship values or behaviour at early stage of the game for young players.



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Coach Hafiz has been involved with MOF since 2016 and has established himself as an excellent coach who builds extremely positive relationships with every player he coaches. He has a lovely manner with the children and is always positive in his approach to individual player development, ensuring that each child feels relaxed by providing them with a safe and secure environment for them to express themselves in. He believes that a child should enjoy the game first while at the same time coaching them the basics in football. Beside teaching them about football, he also believe that a coach plays a major influence in the lives of youth because he is not only teaching them skills in sports, but also instilling lifelong values and principles that would mould their character and guide them in their path of development.



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Coach Aidil is very passionate about coaching youth soccer as he believes that the development of an athlete starts at a very young age. He is also very passionate about football and wishes to take Singapore football to a new level. He believes with the right guidance and coaching for the kids at a very young age, Singapore can definitely produce more footballing talents. Coach Aidil is currently studying for a Diploma in Sports Coaching at Republic Polytechnic and is currently a holder of the Grassroots Coaching Certificate. From his own perspective, in order to coach the young kids, FUN has to be implemented in all the activities making them happy and having them enjoying the training session and not  forgetting to instil core values. Values such as Sportsmanship and Teamwork are very essential for every athlete. With the correct values, he believes everyone can go far and achieve greater things.